Human Proteome Map

The Human Proteome Map is the doorway for the interactive resource to the scientific community by consolidating the massive peptide sequencing the result from the draft map to the human proteome project. Isolating a subset of cells from tissues requires mechanical and biochemical sorting and it is a process to amend the cellular signaling and also the composition of proteomics. Medically it is necessary to secrete the proteins which include cytokines, the coagulation factor, growth factors and other signaling molecules. A large number of genes with varied normal functions are complexed in human cancer. Certain proteins show distinct expression between different forms of cancer, considering the other protein show variable expression within the different states.

  • Track 1-1 The Tissue Specific Proteome
  • Track 2-2 The Housekeeping Proteome
  • Track 3-3 The Regulatory Proteome
  • Track 4-4 The Secretome and Membrane Proteome
  • Track 5-5 The Isoform Proteome
  • Track 6-6 The Cancer Proteome
  • Track 7-7 The Druggable Proteome

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